2022: The Year Of The Devonshire Family Holiday

Here at Langstone Cliff, we’re not shy of making happy family holidays a reality. In fact, hundreds of families flock to stay with us year after year which, thankfully, means we must be doing something right. While not everyone will choose to stay with us, we thought we’d pull together eight reasons to bring your family on holiday to Devon this year and make a memory for life.

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Eight Reasons To Take A Family Holiday In Devon This Year

Here are a handful of our wonderfully wonderful reasons to pull that suitcase out of the loft, pack up the car and head to the Devonshire coast this summer:

1. The Feel Of Things

What makes Devon better than Cornwall or Blackpool or Brighton or Bournemouth? Devon is made up of lots of small family resorts and towns which feel like home. And by home, we mean Devon just has that innate feeling of warmth and familiarity, which not only feels new and refreshing, but tasteful and unique.

2. It’s Affordable For All

While you can go all out and experience 5* luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and book expensive tours and outings in Devon, our popular tourist destination has a variety of both free and paid attractions, affordable for any  family looking to make a happy memory or two.

3. It Has The Attraction Of Attractions

The South Devon region is the happy home to a wealth of family attractions. There are adventure parks such as Crealy, Woodlands Park and Paignton Zoo and a few must-visit lama enclosures (like we said, Devon certainly is unique). Take a read of our Top Five Attractions In South Devon for some inspiration.

4. Things To Do In Devon

People often regard Devon as a seasonal place, which perhaps for sunshine and bikini weather is imperatively true. For those who perhaps aren’t so keen on showing skin, Devon is a bustling haven all year round, with exploration and leisure retreats in winter, spring and autumn time, which make for just as special a trip as in the popular summer months.

5. The Best Beaches

Devon’s beaches are perfect for a winter stroll, or for achieving that sun-kissed bikini body in the warmer months of the year. Our nearest beach is Dawlish, which has been noted as one of the best beaches not only in Devon, but in the whole of the UK.

6. Heaps Of Heritage

Devon’s history started back in the Roman age (with some artefacts hinting at its province even earlier than that in the Stone Age). This means it is a real gem for those budding historians or for the more touristy trips to see some iconic landmarks. Take a read of our Best Castles In Devon and see for yourself the impeccable heritage Devon has to offer.

7. Fabulous Food & Drink

Devon’s capital (so to speak) is the bustling city of Exeter. Only a few miles from our sea view hotel in South Devon, Exeter was crowned as one of biggest foodie hotspots in the UK in 2016. With a variety of restaurants in Devon, now is a better time than ever to get active in the day and refuel and flatter those taste buds in the evening.

8. We’ve Just Celebrated Our 70th Year Anniversary

We celebrated 70 years in business in 2021, so we want to continue those celebrations during 2022! The main reason for our longevity is because Devon is such an incredible place for family holidays. Families from all across the UK, Europe and the US have come back year after year because they share the same love and passion for the Devonshire family holiday as we so greatly do.

Have we convinced you to join us and take your family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Devon in 2022? Well whether we’ve made your bucket list for 2022 or not, Devon is a great place and makes for a great family holiday destination.

To book your short break in South Devon, why not give us a call and we can start helping you make some plans. You can book accommodation online here, call us on 01626 868000 or contact us via our website.

Happy Holidays Folks!