Introducing Splat Attack in Dawlish

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At the Langstone Cliff Hotel, we strive to offer more than just luxurious accommodations and stunning views; we aim to create unforgettable experiences for all our guests. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Splat Attack, an exhilarating outdoor, all-weather adventure game available right here on our hotel grounds. Whether you’re visiting for a day or looking to add some excitement to your stay, Splat Attack provides the perfect opportunity for fun and adventure.


Introducing Splat Attack


Splat Attack is an action-packed game designed to thrill players of all ages (8+). Hide behind obstacles, slide through narrow paths, glide across open spaces, and ride the adrenaline rush as you outwit and outmanoeuvre your opponents. The objective is simple yet engaging: collect as much loot as possible while splatting your opponents. The loot won can be exchanged for exclusive offers, discounts, and prizes provided by local businesses in Dawlish. The Langstone Cliff Hotel is proud to support the local community by providing a home for Splat Attack. This initiative not only brings joy to our guests but also benefits the broader Dawlish area. By hosting Splat Attack, we’re helping to deliver community projects in the areas of health, education, and the environment.

Fun for All Ages (8+)


Splat Attack isn’t just a game; it’s an experience that brings families and friends closer together. It’s not unusual to see three generations teaming up, creating new memories, and deepening their connections. Even the most dedicated gaming addicts want to play outside for the thrill of Splat Attack.

Join the Adventure


Whether you’re staying with us for a weekend getaway or an extended holiday, make sure to include Splat Attack in your itinerary. It’s the perfect way to add a dash of excitement and create lasting memories during your stay at the Langstone Cliff Hotel. Book your game today and experience the ultimate adventure right here in Dawlish!

Splat Attack’s Gala tent reception is conveniently located in the pay & display overflow car park of the Langstone Cliff Hotel.


Splat Attack is available to book seven days a week, catering to a variety of private events such as birthdays, celebrations, and team-building activities. The game also features hourly public sessions where like-minded families and friends can join in the fun. These public games run year-round every weekend and daily during school holidays, ensuring there’s always an opportunity to play..


Public Games

Hourly Public Sessions: Join other fun-seekers for a spontaneous game. Perfect for family outings or casual play.

School Holiday Specials: Enjoy extended play hours and special events during school breaks.

Private Games

Birthdays & Celebrations: Make your special day even more memorable with a high-energy game of Splat Attack.

Team Building Games: Strengthen team bonds and boost morale through strategic gameplay and friendly competition.

SEND Games & Activities: Inclusive games designed for participants with special educational needs and disabilities.

For more information on Splat Attack, including booking details and game times, visit [Splat Attack’s official website]


Important Information


While we are delighted to host Splat Attack on our grounds, please note that it operates independently of the hotel. For all game-related inquiries, bookings, and customer service, please contact the Splat Attack team directly. Their dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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