Procedural Guidance For Your Perfect South Devon Wedding

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Procedural Guidance At Langstone Cliff Hotel

We must emphasise that these procedural notes are for guidance only. It is your wedding and you may conduct it exactly as you wish.


We would heartily recommend you employ a professional toastmaster for your wedding as they add an additional “something” to the day whilst ensuring that your day runs very smoothly. However, we accept that this is not for everyone so here is our pocket guide to the days procedures.

Ideally the bridal party will be the first to arrive at the hotel following the ceremony to ensure that they are on hand to greet arriving guests. The wedding reception “line up” usually takes the following format:

  • Bride’s Mother
  • Bride’s Father
  • Bride
  • Groom
  • Groom’s Mother
  • Groom’s Father
  • Bridesmaids and the Best Man are also often included.
  • The bridal party receives their guests who are offered a welcoming drink.
  • A present table is provided for guests who bring gifts with them.

Once all the guests have been received there may be a photographic session. Sometimes this involves just the bridal party, sometimes all the guests are required. When this is concluded and all the guests have had a reception drink, the hotel will liaise with the Best Man, Bride and Groom and call the guests to dine in one of our function rooms based on your requirements. The Bride and Groom are held back and announced formally when all the guests are seated. Grace may be said prior to the meal or any other religious reading, etc.

Cutting The Cake

When coffee is about to be served to the principal guests, the Best Man invites the Bride and Groom to cut the cake. The Bride takes the knife in her right hand and the Groom clasps the Bride’s hand and the knife with both hands and together they make the initial cut into the bottom tier of the cake. There is no need for any speeches at this point. Our team at the hotel will then take the cake away to be sliced in order for it to be served with the coffee. The staff will then retire from the room and any speeches may commence.

Toasts and Speeches

The Best Man acting as Toastmaster invites the Bride’s Father (or other nominated guest) to propose the toast – “The Bride and Groom”. The Best Man then invites the Groom to respond to the toast and he concludes by proposing the toast to “The Bridesmaids”. The Best Man responds on behalf of the Bridesmaids, continues his speech relating any gentle anecdotes he may have about the Bride and Groom. He will conclude by reading cards and greetings.

To find out more about getting married here at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, call or email us today and a member of our team would love to assist you.

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