7 Magical Waterfall Walks In South Devon

There’s nothing as magical as a walk past a babbling brook and a majestic waterfall, and there’s plenty of unforgettable waterfall walks in Devon near the Langstone Cliff Hotel.

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The Most Spectacular Waterfalls In Dartmoor And South Devon

Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Canonteign Falls

Approx. 33 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

One of England’s highest waterfalls, Canonteign Falls is a must-visit to any guests at Langstone Cliff Hotel.

Unlike most of the other waterfall walks nearby, the Falls are now a fully-fledged visitor attraction, complete with adventure playgrounds, an on-site cafe, gift shop, and the Victorian Fern Garden, a haven for horticulturalists.

It’s a fantastic day out for families, although the walk itself can be tricky to traverse with a pushchair or pram.

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Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park -min

2. Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park

Approx. 41 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park is another waterfall walk that’s been expanded to include an animal collection, a cafeteria, picnic area, gift shop, and various activities for the whole family.

Whether you’re after a fun-filled day out, or a relaxing walk near a trickling waterfall in an ancient forest, Becky Falls is a perfect place to visit on your South Devon staycation.

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3. Venford Reservoir

Approx. 46 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

The waterfall at Venford Reservoir is Devon’s best-kept secret – many locals haven’t even heard of it!

The falls themselves are around half a mile’s walk from the nearby car parks by Venford Reservoir – just follow the footpath, and you’ll find the mysterious falls.

The walk to these beautiful waterfalls is quite steep in areas, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear.

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Avon Dam Reservoir-min

4. Avon Dam Reservoir

Approx. 59 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

While parking can be a bit of a challenge near Avon Dam Reservoir, it’s well worth it.

The reservoir itself is peaceful and tranquil, and there’s usually a coffee van parked up nearby, but the series of waterfalls are what make this walk special.

Stroll along the River Avon and Brockhill Stream to see the waterfalls.

The majority of the route is tarmacked, as well, so it’s an easier walk than some of the others on this list, and most of it is wheelchair-accessible.

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5. Burrator Reservoir Waterfall

Approx. 1hr 12 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

A fantastic walk for families or dog-walkers, Burrator Reservoir is a walk with so much to see, from an impressive 1920s dam  to stone shacks, enchanting woodlands and, of course, the waterfall.

Burrator Reservoir is a perfect place for a picnic, with plenty of free parking nearby, so you can enjoy the drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel through Dartmoor.

Shavercombe Falls-min

6. Shavercombe Falls

Approx. 1hr 20 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

While this waterfall walk is the furthest from the Langstone Cliff Hotel, it’s well worth the drive.

The circular walk is around 5.5 miles long, with a medley of stunning sights, from the largest standing stone in Dartmoor, Drizzlecombe, to the Giant’s Basin cairn, and, of course, Shavercombe Falls in the beautiful Shavercombe Brook.

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Lydford Gorge Waterfall Trail (1)-min

7. Lydford Gorge Waterfall Trail

Approx. 56 mins drive from the Langstone Cliff Hotel

There are so many waterfalls to see on the Lydford Gorge Waterfall Trail: White Lady Falls, Black Rock Falls, Kitt’s Steps, and Doe Tor Falls, to name a few!

White Lady Falls (or Whitelady Waterfall) is a particularly impressive sight, standing at nearly 20 metres tall, a popular tourist attraction since the Victorian era.

The circular walk takes around an hour in total, and there’s a lovely tea room, second-hand bookshop, and toilets nearby.

Some parts of the walk can be slippery, with narrow paths and steep slopes, so be sure to wear sensible shoes.

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Those are our favourite waterfall walks in South Devon, not far from the Langstone Cliff Hotel.

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