Beach Games For All The Family

We have plenty of activities to enjoy at our family hotel in Devon – the only thing we don’t have? A beach! Luckily for you, our local Dawlish Warren beach is a stone’s throw away from Langstone.

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Family Fun On Dawlish Warren Beach

This 1.5-mile spit of sand projects into the Exe estuary and has been the recipient of a Blue flag for 21 consecutive years, so we can’t think of a better spot for spending some quality time together. This is a beach for all your family to enjoy, as dogs are also welcome between Groyne 3 and Groyne 9 all year round.

Don’t limit yourself to sandcastles and paddling in the sea – here are our favourite beach games that all the family can enjoy. 

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee can be fun, but have you and yours tried frisbee golf? This game can be made as easy or as difficult as you need – perfect for if you have little ones wanting to play along. Expect messy fun with sand flying and competitive streaks coming out in full force!

Use whatever items you have to hand to set up targets (this could be water bottles, buckets or towels) and take turns trying to go around your mini course throwing the frisbee as close as you can to them in order.

Forget Egg and Spoon Races – Try Water Bucket Relay

This activity is the perfect way to make the most of the sea all while getting a little bit of exercise at the same time. Make sure you have enough buckets for all who want to play and supervise everyone who ventures up to the edge of the waves.

Using spoons or spades, have everyone on a starting line. At your signal, they will need to run to the sea, fill their spade and make it back to the bucket without spilling any. The first person to fill their bucket wins!  

No Time For Musical Chairs – Try Musical Towels

All the fun of the party game, just minus somewhere to sit! Using a mobile phone or portable stereo, play some of your favourite songs and you’ll soon be in fits of laughter.

Place some empty towels in a circle and have everyone move around them – when the music stops, jump on a towel! Make sure there is only one person on a towel at a time until there is only one winner. Be prepared for young and old alike to dive, slide and roll in an attempt to make it onto the last towel.

A Firm Favourite – Volleyball

Traditional and energetic, many families love to play volleyball when they head to the beach.

 To keep things simple, you can draw a line in the sand and practice hitting the ball over it – this means you won’t need to set up a net or have a losing battle with a towel trying to fight any wind. If you don’t have a volleyball, a lightweight football or inflatable ball will work just as well. 

These aren’t all of the things to do for families in Devon…

Less tiring activities could include shell collecting, exploring the nature reserve, sandcastle making, sunbathing or good old-fashioned ice cream tasting! From the activities above to football, races, hole digging, dog walking and the 18-hole golf course on the beach, you can enjoy Dawlish Warren exactly the way you want to. Don’t forget, we are only a stone’s throw away from the beach – you can reach Dawlish Warren in a 10 or so minute walk from our hotel. After your day out you can come back and relax in our grounds and enjoy a bite to eat – we even have our own indoor and outdoor pools

You won’t find a better place to stay than our family hotel in Devon. To join us for a getaway and to enjoy accommodation that’s close to the beach, book direct today.