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Here at Langstone Cliff, we pride ourselves on our extensive meetings and conference facilities as one of the leading conference venues Devon has to offer.

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Conferences And Meetings On The Jurassic Coast In Devon

When you think of conference venues and meeting rooms, Devon isn’t the first place that naturally springs to mind, but taking your business to the sea has a wealth of health, productivity and financial benefits to make you think twice when planning your next corporate getaway.

Here are a few reasons which are certainly going to sway you to the shoreline…

Sound of waves

The Langstone Cliff Hotel is only a stone’s throw from the crashing ocean waves of the Devonshire coastline.

Did you know that research proves that the sound of waves rushing over the sandy shores alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state?

For some this might seem pretty obvious; however, relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate the mind and body and make a productive and stress-free decision-making mindset.


For those who relish the opportunity to get out of the office and into a homely yet professional environment where you can get things done, keep reading.

Devon offers incredibly cost-effective meeting rooms whilst delivering the high standard of customer service and luxuries you’re used to.

While South Devon attracts its fair share of business tourism, there is always room for a little more and it’s a no brainer if you’re tightening your companies’ purse strings.

Great night’s sleep

Studies have shown that sea air is a magnificent ingredient that can aid a harmonious night’s kip.

Sea air is apparently charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate your brain’s ability to absorb oxygen.

In turn, this gives you that peaceful night’s sleep required to have a productive day and successful day in the boardroom.

Mellows the mood

Tensions can sometimes run a little high in the meeting room especially if your team are under pressure to make difficult business decisions.

Fresh sea air is packed with natural chemicals known to help balance levels of serotonin which is a hormone linked with mood and stress.

This is often why you tend to feel a lot more alert, relaxed and energised when returning to work after a holiday by the sea.

By taking your business to the seaside, you will benefit from a more cost-effective and enjoyable corporate getaway.

Plan your Devon conference or team outing and come pay us a visit at the Langstone Cliff. Our sea view conference facilities are only a stone’s throw from Exeter and Torquay and our prices are extremely competitive.

Alternatively, you can enquire about each of our function rooms by calling us on 01626 868000 or by contacting us here.