Christmas At Home vs Christmas By The Sea

It’s an age-old debate: “Should we go away for Christmas this year?”

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Should you get away to the seaside this Christmas?

More often than not, the question is promptly forgotten and everyone quickly returns to stressing out over what colour table cloth will go with the baubles on the tree, and whether Auntie Brenda will say something inappropriate if you sit her next to your cousin’s new girlfriend.

But here at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, we think you should give that all-important question a little more thought because Christmas away from home can be really fun!

Here are a few reasons why you should have a ponder about a festive break…

Christmas at home

You’ve got all the comforts of home to keep you cosy

Christmas at home, for a lot of people, is super comforting.

You get to head back to mum and dad’s and just eat and relax and be taken care of for a few days.

Winner winner, turkey dinner!

You can stay in your pyjamas all day long

OK, so you could do this away too if you wanted, but it’s a little embarrassing.

When it’s just your nearest and dearest present; you don’t have to glam yourself up.

The dog won’t care if you’re in your joggers all day!

You’re in control

If you’re staying at home, then you are in charge of when everyone gets up, eats, opens their presents, sleeps, breathes, coughs, sneezes etc.

Good for all the control freaks out there…

Christmas by the sea

You’ve got new places galore to explore!

While all of the comforts of home might be the dream for some; going away for Christmas means you can get out and enjoy some exciting new scenery.

Here at the Langstone Cliff  Hotel, we’re surrounded by miles of beautiful Devonshire beaches, perfect for that Christmas day walk!

You can burn off those Christmas calories with plenty of fresh air

Speaking of Christmas day walks, with all of this open space down in Devon you can burn off all of that Christmas pudding!

Not to mention all of the glorious sea air: it’s great for the waistline and the soul!

No washing up!

One of the big advantages of going away for Christmas is that you’re not the host.

Our scrumptious Christmas day lunch in Devon takes all the stress out of Christmas Day.

No keeping people entertained, no trying to fit a giant turkey into a tiny oven, no washing up, no vegetable timing anxiety: it’s a dream come true, really…

The ‘away’ side of that list sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?

No responsibilities; just all the food and fun and frolics of Christmas.

We know you’re intrigued.

So why not book yourself in for one of the most delightful Christmas breaks Devon has to offer?

To book your fantastic festive Devonshire stay, give us a call at Langstone Cliff on 01626 868000 today!