Interview with Our Head Chef

A quick chat with our Head Chef at the Langstone Cliff Hotel in South Devon

At our restaurant in Dawlish, we pride ourselves on offering tasty food that our guests will remember!

With our Head Chef at the core of this, we thought it best to speak to the man himself and find out about all the magic that happens behind our kitchen doors.

Could you tell us something interesting about Langstone Restaurant?

We source most of our fresh ingredients locally.

Not only is it important for us to support the local business and suppliers around us but this is a benefit, too, for cutting down on the amount of energy used to transport our products and for our consumers to feel assured they are eating quality food.

We believe we are one of the most welcoming places to eat in Devon and with that title comes the responsibility to put out delicious, well-sourced food.

What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday roast?

I’ve never been known to turn down a classic plate of roast lamb, roast potatoes and veg with a healthy serving of gravy.

However, the roast beef is definitely the most popular amongst our guests!

How many covers does the Langstone Cliff Hotel Restaurant serve on an average Sunday?

On an average Sunday, we’re looking at about 60 odd meals, however, this can vary dramatically when we’re hosting groups or our private functions.

Sundays are a busy day for us here at Langstone but every day is different and as a chef, that’s what keeps me excited.

Can you share any tips with our readers on how to make the perfect gravy?

Nobody wants a watery gravy, so I suggest roasting then whizzing up a few staple veggies such as onions and carrots and sieving them into your pan to add some extra thickness, texture and flavour – works a treat every time!

What trimmings can’t you live without?

For me it has to be a classic Yorkshire pudding, English mustard and horseradish sauce.

I promise you these things will take your Sunday roast from delicious to phenomenal!

From beef to bakes, we’ve got something for everyone in our Lincoln Restaurant at the Langstone Cliff Hotel in Devon.

Come and experience a delicious Sunday lunch and book into our restaurant in Dawlish today by booking or contacting us here.