Photo December 2020 – Christmas Pantomime: Aladdin

December 2020 - Christmas Pantomime: Aladdin

Join us for one of the most popular Christmas pantomimes in South Devon at Langstone Cliff…

Monday 28th December 2020 at 3pm

As a renowned family friendly hotel in Devon, it goes without saying that we have everything you need for one of the most memorable Christmas hotel breaks you’ll ever spend with your loved ones.

Pantomimes are a staple British tradition. We can all remember the shows of our youth – the anticipation as the lights dimmed, our snacks ready to chomp and the huge roar of the crowd and they boo the villain with cries of “He’s behind you!” and “Oh no he isn’t!”

Despite the name, modern day pantomimes contain plenty of talking and audience participation!

This performance at Langstone on the 28th December is based on the animated Disney classic Aladdin. We can guarantee plenty of flying carpets, well-known sing-a-longs (“A Whole New World”) and lots more.

Be quick to book your tickets – you won’t want to miss our panto performance of this much-loved fairy tale.

Prices: TBC

To make sure you can attend one of the best Christmas events in South Devon , contact us via 01626 221329 or contact us here.