Photo Spend Valentine’s By The Sea
January 24, 2019   

Spend Valentine’s By The Sea

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s treat, then we are sure you have already considered sea view hotels. South Devon’s proximity to the coast is reason enough to visit whatever the weather, and our sea rooms offer unrivalled views. We’d love to welcome you this Valentine’s weekend – read on for our tips on how to spend Valentine’s by the sea.

Marvel at the waves

Come February, the British coastline is just as beautiful as it is in the summer. Dog walkers will be bountiful, but aside from that in most instances you will have space to enjoy the views uninterrupted. The seclusion is perfect should you want to talk future plans, reminisce the past or even make a proposal! As well as the opportunity to take beautiful photographs, this is also a chance to enjoy the invigorating sea air after many weeks spent at home with your central heating or fireplace working overtime.


Less visitors means the perfect opportunity to beachcomb uninterrupted. For some people, this time of year is the only time they beachcomb – for those not familiar with the practice, this is an activity for people who like to search the beach for things they can collect. Even though it is an old practice, modern beachcombers now like to explore the drift or ride lines to find natural objects that the sea washes up.

Items can include seashells, fossils, historical artefacts, driftwood, and even messages in bottles. This Valentine’s weekend why not bring your loved one to the seaside for a mini beachcombing adventure – who knows what treasures you might find, and if you are unlucky in your search then you’ll have made fun memories to treasure. If you really wanted your special someone to make a beach discovery, you could always help them find a diamond ring…

Winter picnic

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year for a picnic – whatever the weather. Why not grab a bottle of your favourite bubbly, a warm blanket and head down to the beach for a lovely meal together? Avoid foods that will attract sand – a wicker hamper is the perfect touch, and if you don’t pack too much food you’ll have plenty of space when its time to head back to the hotel for our Valentine’s dinner! If you don’t want to take your own food, then warming up in a local fish and chips shop is always an option – we’d recommend skipping ice cream!

Want to take a peek at the beach before you join us for a Valentine’s Day break? You can look at special cameras 24/7 by clicking here. Nothing compares to a visit to Dawlish Town beach but if you don’t want to venture to the seaside, we have plenty of woodland to explore around the hotel (19 acres in fact).

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s retreat, then why not join us for a special weekend away? You’re always welcome to enjoy one of our Devon holidays. Hotels that are as loved as Langstone are few and far between – this year we’ve arranged live music and dancing for both nights to make sure it’s a Valentine’s to remember. You can find out more about our Valentine’s weekend package here. We also have non-residential packages should you live locally.

Of all the places to stay nearby, Langstone Cliff is one of a select few sea view hotels. South Devon is perfect any time of year – book your special Valentine’s getaway today.